Startup of Startups

Stipple builds and funds the next generation of companies

Our Approach

Startup Playbook

We developed a systematic approach to validate, launch and grow potential opportunities across multiple sectors



Our entrepreneurs work with analysts, industry experts, and potential customers to understand, prototype, and validate their ideas.



We fund the seed round, and we help streamline future fundraising rounds for our portfolio with top tier investors and VCs.


Brand Strategy

Our teams collaborates with the entrepreneurs to iterate on the go to market strategy, branding, marketing, PR, and everything in between.



An ever growing network of mentors, operators, and advisors are available at anytime to help the entrepreneurs scale their business.

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Portfolio Companies

We focus on building companies with the potential of making a massive positive impact in the world


Is Stipple a startup studio?

Yes. Stipple is a startup studio that focuses on incubating ideas at it’s earliest stages. We strive to provide entrepreneurs with everything they need to systematically mitigate risks as they work on their startups.

How much equity does Stipple get from the companies

The first fundraising round is exclusive to Stipple. At that round, we aim to get 15-20% of the company. The rest of the equity goes to the founders and the options pool.

What's the difference between a startup studio and a venture studio?

Startup studios have existed for a long time in different shapes and forms. Over the years, the concept has acquired a few more names such as venture studios, and venture builders.

I have an idea. Can I apply to Stipple?

Yes. Whether you have an idea that you’d like to experiment with, or you’re an entrepreneur looking for an idea to work on, please reach out to us at [email protected]

Is Stipple a VC?

When it comes to the fundraising step of the process, Stipple manages an early stage fund that invests in the portfolio companies. The initial check size is $500k.

Does Stipple focus on a specific sector?

While we’re sector agnostic, we tend to gravitate towards consumer FinTech and marketplaces. Ultimately, we’re interested in high impact companies. So we’re open to all.

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Contact Us

If you’d like to collaborate with Stipple, feel free to reach out. We’d love to hear from you [email protected]

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